Cookie Caster

Build your own cookie cutter in under a minute


Cookie Caster  


Would you like to take a tutorial on
how to draw delicious cookie cutters?

Cookie Caster 101:

Step 1/6

Let’s create a cute cloud.
Click to create anchors.
We will add curves in the next step.

Cookie Caster 101:

Step 2/6

Now, simply drag the orange dots 
to create curves where needed.
Take your time, we’re not in a hurry.

Cookie Caster 101:

Step 3/6

Awesome! Click the Trace button below to create a cookie caster from an image.

Cookie Caster 101:

Step 4/6

Now click the Magic Trace button
to create the cookie caster.

Cookie Caster 101:

Step 5/6

Click the gingerbread man!

Cookie Caster 101:

Step 6/6

Your Cookie Cutter is definitely ready.
Order it now, and heat your oven :)

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